Trusted worldwide, Themis (now TMS – the Trusted Mission Solutions group of Mercury Systems, Inc.)  has a 30 year track record of providing enhanced reliability computing platforms for mission critical applications. Our robust product lines are known for their long life cycles, high performance, thermal resiliency, compatibility, and SWaP optimization. We work closely with our customers to design solutions they can rely on for years to come.

COTS Technology
State of the art enterprise technology delivered on platforms best suited to customer requirements
Enhanced Reliability
Built from the ground up to perform under stress and in extreme environments.
Size, Weight, & Power (SWaP)
Information technology platforms designed to meet systems engineering constraints at the edge.

Resilient Cutting-Edge Technology

Located in heart of Silicon Valley, at Fremont, California, the TMS group builds environmentally resilient computing solutions that integrate the latest commercial technologies (COTS) and minimize size, weight and power (SWaP) for mission critical applications. Dedicated to providing reliable high performance computing platforms for military, aerospace, energy, and rugged commercial use; our products meet or exceed industry requirements, integrate the latest key technologies, and are proven to perform reliably under stress and in extreme environments.

As part of Mercury Systems, Inc., we will continue to focus on the growing C4I market, complementing Mercury’s existing presence in this area, and bringing Mercury’s expertise in secure and trusted computing to our customers. Our common goal is to be able to offer our customers the optimum mix of hardware and software security solutions in highly rugged rackmount form factors that deliver cutting-edge performance while meeting cyber resiliency and system security engineering requirements.

Your Trusted Teammate for Enterprise Class Computing at the Edge

TMS works closely with customers to define “solutions” that achieve the right balance between competing imperatives for COTS, reliability, and SWaP. We support our customers after the sale and help manage obsolescence at product EOL.

Committed to Quality

An ISO 9001 certified company, TMS practices total quality management (TQM) in all areas of its business, from engineering and manufacturing to customer service.