Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

We are looking for a confident, passionate and creative mechanical engineer. This position will be part of the new products design team and will also support manufacturing with updates to existing products.


  • 3 to 4 years experience with mechanical design
  • Strong experience with complex machine electronics chassis design including:
    • Mechanical parts
    • Electrical parts
  • Sheet metal parts design
  • Machine shop experience
  • Experience working with manufacturing on NPI process
  • Ability to work with product BOM
  • Track record of meeting mutually agreed upon project schedules


  • At least 3 years of ProE, ProSheetMetal, ProMechanica tools
  • Ability to use ProE for fully detailed and assembly drawings
  • Modeling/drafting and large assembly experience
  • Solid understanding of manufacturing requirements and fabrication practices
  • Vibration table testing
  • Test fixture design
  • Flow bench testing
  • Thermal testing


  • BS in Mechanical Engineering required, MS preferred

Ways to Apply

  • Mail your resume to HR at 47200 Bayside Parkway, Fremont CA, 94538
  • Fax your resume to HR at (510) 490-5529