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Mercury Trusted Mission Solutions (TMS) works closely with customers to deliver a wide range of unrivaled computing solutions that optimize space, weight, and power, are easy to deploy, inexpensive to own and operate, and that enable them to meet their most stringent requirements. Our environmentally resilient computing solutions integrate the latest commercial technologies (COTS) and minimize size, weight and power (SWaP) for military, aerospace, energy, and rugged commercial use. Our robust product lines are known for their long life cycles, high performance, thermal resiliency, compatibility, and SWaP optimization. We work closely with our customers to design solutions they can rely on for years to come.

 Mercury Rugged Rackmount Servers

Standard Density Servers

Available in 1U, 2U, and 3U, front and rear I/O form-factors, and featuring E5-2600 v3/v4 series Intel Xeon processors with up to twenty cores per socket, up to 1 TB DDR4 ECC memory, and enhanced reliability features, RES-XR5 servers provide industry-leading performance and superior resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

High Density Servers

TMS RES-HD Servers deliver high performance, double compute density, enable a 50% rack space savings, and reduce system weight by nearly 50%. Designed with leading edge components that include Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 series processors and SuperMicro motherboards, RES-HD servers provide maximum system configuration flexibility and system expansion options with processor, storage, and system management module options.

GPGPU Computing

Optimized for single and double precision applications, and the broader supercomputing market, Tesla K80 GPU accelerators are ideal for the most aggressive, high-performance computing workloads. NVIDIA Maxwell M60 GRID cards offload graphics processing from the CPU to the GPGPU in virtualized environments, enabling the data center manager the freedom to deliver graphics-rich solutions to virtual users for the first time.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Platforms

Rugged Hyperconvergence Hyper-Unity Desert Environment

Hyper-Unity™ seamlessly integrates four ruggedized, eight-drive, RES-XR5-1U rack mounted servers with a high-speed, 12-port Mellanox InfiniBand switch, and Atlantis USX, the award-winning, patented software-defined storage (SDS) solution. Hyper-Unity is the first turnkey, Mil Spec, SWAP-optimized, hyper-converged infrastructure platform to deliver all-flash performance for virtualized applications, at less than half the cost of traditional storage or other hyper-converged platforms. TMS is a premier Federal Solutions Provider in the Atlantis Reseller Partner Program.

RES-mini Small Form Factor Server

Rugged Small Form Factor Server Travel Size

Designed for demanding environments where size, weight, and power (SWAP) are important, the RES-Mini combines an E5-2600 Intel® Xeon® v3 series processor with up to twelve cores, up to 512 GB DDR4 ECC memory, expansion high-speed I/O, and multiple storage options in a small form factor chassis (4 inches x 13.5 inches x 11 inches) that weighs 15 pounds. The RES-mini is compatible with popular virtualization technologies such as VMware® and Citrix® XenServer®.

Other Rugged Products

Resource Management

Rugged Server Management Interface from Themis

The TMS Resource Manager is a cost-effective, out-of-band system appliance that provides single pane of glass management to administer, monitor, and manage up to 22+ servers via an independent, private network. It provides console access to the individual managed systems via the BMC KVM. Features include KVM system management, health monitoring, and configuration and monitoring of critical in-band functions, including BIOS setup, O/S boot-up as well as execution of O/S run-time commands.

Rugged Switches

Rugged Switch Military Grade Water Sealed Circular Connectors

TMS rugged tactical switches are SWaP and cost efficient, multi-layer GigE switches with an embedded x86 PC. NanoSWITCH devices bring enterprise level, layer 2/3 switching into the rugged environments found in military ground, air and sea vehicles and unforgiving industrial environments such as offshore oil platforms.

Small Form Factor Tactical Systems

Small Rugged Tactical Computers and Switches by Themis

Mercury is defining the future of small form-factor computing with the NanoPAK i7 SFF computer. Small form factor systems offer tremendous space, weight, and power advantages while delivering high performance.

Legacy Solutions

Rugged VITA74 standards bladed servers and ATR

TMS has an inventory of legacy systems including board-level computers, 3U OpenVPX tactical systems, and more. We provide lifetime technical support for all its current and legacy product lines.