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Rugged High-Density Servers

High Density, Industry-Leading Performance for any environment

RES HD doubles compute density, enables a 50% savings in rack space, and reduces system weight by nearly 50% with per server weights as low as 7lbs. Designed with enhanced reliability features for  military, industrial, or rugged commercial use, RES HD servers operate under shock, vibration, and temperature extremes and can be mounted in standard commercial racks, mobile rugged transit cases, or in sub rack systems with shallow depth, such as those meant for legacy VME Systems.

2X Compute Density
5 Types of Modules
Half the Rack Space
Fully Scalable and Flexible

HDversa compact computing

Common Composable Infrastructure

Only 10” deep, 6U (26.7cm) tall, and requiring less than 1500W of total power, the HDversa features a redundant power backplane with twelve module bays that fit a wide range of standardized storage, graphics, networking, and management modules.

Designed to easily fit in the same physical space as legacy VME platforms, it simplifies technology upgrades, reduces costs, accelerates workloads, and offers a wide-range of functionality for tactical data centers, machinery control systems, signal processing systems, and remotely-located console controllers.

HDversa MOSA compliant rugged MIL standard server for VME replacements

High Compute Density, Low Latency

Suited for computing environments where minimal server Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) is important, Themis RES High Density (HD) servers are designed for virtualization, ISR, Big Data Analytics, radar processing, image processing, large Hadoop clusters, and a multitude of applications that require high-compute density and low latency access to large-data storage.

High Density Rackmount Servers

Maximum Configuration Flexibility

Available in a 2U (four bay) or 3U (six bay) chassis, RES-HD 17″ rack mountable servers provide maximum system configuration flexibility and functionality with processor, storage, high-speed switch, and system management module options. Combining leading-edge components that include Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 series processors and Supermicro motherboards, RES servers feature expansion slots, extensive high-speed front or rear I/O, storage, and enhanced reliability options.

Processor modules support up to three 56 Gbps Infiniband (IB) or 40 Gb Ethernet ports to provide industry leading I/O bandwidth. A FDR option supports 56 Gbps IB or 40 Gbps Ethernet via a QSFP connector. Alternatively a QDR option supports 40 Gbps IB or 10 Gbps Ethernet. Each processor module also has a PCIe expansion slot that supports two additional FDR or QDR ports.