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Supercomputing and Virtualization Servers

Supercomputing Server

Rugged Virtualization and Supercomputing

Equipped with the latest NVIDIA® GPU accelerators, Themis RES-NT2 tackles the most difficult challenges with efficiency—achieving up to 40% higher compute capacity per rack. These robust processing engines increase throughput and accelerate applications—packaging multiple GPUs, E5-2600 v3/v4 Series Intel® Xeon® processors, and up to 1.5TB of DDR4 ECC memory in a smaller footprint and using less power. TESLA® GPUs optimize single- and double-precision processing for high demand workloads, while GRID® offloads graphics processing from the CPU to the GPGPU in virtualized environments. Themis RES-NT2 delivers dramatic performance for the most aggressive mission critical workloads.


Combines 2 Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 1 TB DDR4 memory, 1 Tesla GPU accelerator, and one additional PCIe slot in a ruggedized 1U  25″ depth chassis.


Features 2 Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 1 TB DDR4 memory, 2 Tesla GPU accelerators, and 3 additional PCIe slots in a ruggedized 2U 23″ depth chassis.


Combines 2 Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 1 TB DDR4 memory, 4 Tesla GPU accelerators, and 3 additional PCIe slots in a compact 3U 21″ depth chassis.

Superior Resilience to Shock, Vibration, and Temperature Extremes

Partnered with NVIDIA®, the RES-NT2 brings the full power of Tesla GPUs to rugged environments.  With superior resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes, the RES-NT2 increases throughput, improves life-cycle management, and reduces the total cost of ownership. The system’s aluminum chassis is typically half the weight of a standard steel chassis and operates reliably in hot or cold environments while saving power.