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We no longer manufacture this product. However, technical support is still provided if you have questions or need assistance. Check our products page for our current products.

3U VPX Systems


TMS’ 3U VPX preconfigured, commercial off the shelf (COTS) systems are used for a wide variety of customer applications that include mission computers, display processors, digital maps, payload controllers, SIGINT and EW, communications processors, and network attached storage.

TMS’ TSY series uses a predefined backplane and I/O transition board that offers a “no-wires” chassis integration. The standard system implements 1.0” card spacing, D38999 series connectors for SBC and graphics I/O, system I/O, test/software load signals, and power mains input. SMA connectors provide RF/IF I/O signals.

TMS’ third party hardware integration and customization provides customers with unparalleled design flexibility. Our 3U OpenVPX systems include TSY-300X Series 3U ATR Preconfigured Systems


TMS’ small form-factor tactical systems focus on specific markets including portable computing, man-wearable systems, unmanned vehicles (UVs), ground vehicles, helicopter, and military robotics. Applications include:

  • Mission computers
  • Display processors
  • Digital maps
  • Payload controllers
  • SIGINT and EW
  • Communications processors
  • Network attached storage