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We no longer manufacture this product. However, technical support is still provided if you have questions or need assistance. Check our products page for our current products.

NanoPAK™ i7 Small Form Factor Computer (1st Gen)

The Intel Core i7 NanoPAK™ small form-factor computer integrates an Intel 3rd generation Core i7 (Ivy Bridge) processor with FLASH storage in a small, light footprint that optimizes SWaP and cooling performance. NanoPAK i7 computers are complete, standalone systems designed for unmanned vehicles, ground vehicles, man-wearable, shipboard, and other demanding environments, where space, weight, power, and cost are important.

Leveraging TMS’ thermal and kinetic management design expertise, the NanoPAK computer features a hardened-aluminum air-cooled chassis that survives harsh environmental conditions. The i7 NanoPAK supports field applications that include real-time control, data recorders, small storage and communications systems, and mobile robotics. All standard PC interfaces are available. Additional interfaces include discretes. Ideal for mission-critical applications, the NanoPAK i7 computer demonstrates affordable, robust performance making it an attractive choice for military, commercial, and industrial use.

Rugged Small Form Factor Computer MIL STD NanopakI7 fan cooled


  • All I/O and power through 100 pin Micro D-Sub connector on the front of the module and two USB 3.0 connectors on the rear of the module
  • Intel® 3rd Generation Core i7 (Ivy Bridge) Processor
  • Linux® or Microsoft Windows® Local or Network PXE boot
  • Up to 8 GB System Memory
  • Air cooled Ambient Temperature: -40° C to + 71° C *
  • 133 mm X 93 mm X 37 mm (includes fan assembly)
  • Weight .77 Kg (typical)
  • MIL-STD-810G (Environmental)
  • CE Marking

* Temperature specifications are configuration dependent. Contact Themis for details.


The NanoPAK supports a myriad of field applications that include:

  • Stand Alone Computer
  • Real Time Control
  • Data Recorders
  • Small Storage and Communications Systems
  • Mobile Robotics
Processor, CPU, or Memory
Parameter Description
Architecture Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 Mobile
Processor i7-3517UE (Ivy Bridge)
CPU Clock 1.7Ghz (up to 2.8 Ghz in Turbo mode)
Package FC-BGA1023
Cache Memory 4 MB
Number of Cores 2
Instruction Set 64-bit
CPU Power 17W (+/- 3Watts thru BIOS setting)
System Memory Up to 8 GB
Memory Type DDR3L-1600
ECC Support Yes
Memory Data Path 64-bit
Parameter Description
I/O Chipset Intel PCH – HM76
GPU Intel HD graphics 4000 engine
VGA Analog RGB with DDC (resolution up to 2048 x 1536 @ 75Hz )
Ethernet 10 Mbits/s – 100Mbits/s – 1Gb/s
Controller i210 with PTP support
USB 2.0 10 ports @ 500mA
USB 3.0 2 ports (0.9A individual connectors)
Audio Line In / Line Out
GPIO 2 inputs (5V-level)
I2C 1 slave port (Access to FRU and Temperature sensor)
RS-232 2 ports (one port supports modem: RTS,CTS,DTR,DCD,TX,RX)
FRU 8 KB EEprom (AT24C64)
Storage 1 internal mSATA site
64GB standard ( up to 512GB today)
Button 2 (power on and reset)
TPM Support Yes (SLB9635TT1.2)
I/O Connectors Front: 100-pin Micro-D (x1)
Cristek C42-01041-100 (mate with CMD100P-LB0000)
Input Voltage 9 – 30V
Input Power 30 W maximum
Vbattery (voltage) No internal battery
Vbattery (current) Only during Power OFF
Parameter Description
Cooling Method Air cooled (fan assembly with louvers)
Ambient Temperature -40C / +71C Note 1
Storage Temperature -40C / +85C
EMI CE Marking
Shock 50G @ 25ms
Vibration (random) 10Hz-2000Hz; 4.94grms
Humidity 95%
Altitude 10,000 feet
Accoustic noise 39db
Parameter Description
Dimensions (W x H x D) 133 mm X 93 mm X 37 mm (includes fan assembly)
Weight .77 Kg (typical)
LEDs 1