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Themis products have long life cycles and this product is still available for order. The newest generation of this product line is RES-XR6.

RES-XR4 Rack Mountable Servers

Industry-Leading Performance, Enhanced Reliability and Superior Resilience to Shock, Vibration, and Temperature Extremes

RES-XR4 rack mountable servers use Intel Xeon E5 2600 V2 processors with up to twelve cores to provide high reliability and performance to keep mission-critical applications available in the most demanding environments. Click on any of the links to go to the server product page.

RES rack mountable servers ensure superior performance and enhanced reliability in the most demanding environments. Combining leading-edge components that include Intel processors, RES servers feature expansion slots, extensive high-speed front or rear I/O, storage, and enhanced reliability options to provide users with configuration versatility and system expansion to meet current and future system requirements. RES systems incorporate enhanced reliability features that include dual-redundanthot swappable AC and DC power supply options. RES servers are an attractive solution for programs where SWaP are essential considerations. RES servers can be mounted in standard commercial racks or mobile, rugged transit cases.


Storage Solutions

Field deployment requires transportable data storage designed to withstand challenging conditions. Data storage systems must be compact, lightweight, highly available, and easy to use. Space, weight, and power are equally important. Storage systems must be scalable, cloud-ready, and able to leverage virtualization. An excellent fit and savings for military and commercial environments, Mercury storage solutions features exceptional capacity utilization, data protection, availability solutions, and advanced support capabilities. TMS storage appliances boast advanced, ruggedized thermal and mechanical design that meets military specifications for shock and vibration, and for quiet operation.

Server Height CPU Sockets Chassis Depth I/O
RES-XR4-1U 1RU Up to 2 17 or 20 inches Rear
RES-XR4-1U-3Slot 3RU Up to 2 17 or 20 inches Rear
RES-XR4-2U 2RU Up to 2 17 or 20 inches Rear
RES-XR4-3U 3RU Up to 2 17 or 20 inches Rear
RES-XR4-3U-16D 3RU  Up to 2 Up to 2  Rear
RES-XR4-2U-FIO 2RU Up to 2 13.5 or 16.5 inches Front
RES-XR4-3U-FIO 3RU Up to 2 13.6 or 16 inches Front

RES-XR4 System Features

  • Operating temperature: 0°C – to 55°C
  • Extended temperature range: -15° C – 65° C**
  • Operating shock: 3 axis, 35g, 25ms
  • Operating Vibration: 4.76 Grms, 5 – 2000Hz (SSD)
  • Dual-redundant, hot-swappable power supplies
  • Dual-redundant DC power option
  • Multiple depth sizes
  • Rear and front I/O
  • Multiple expansion slots
  • Extensive high speed I/O
  • Multiple storage options
  • Light weight, corrosion resistant
  • System expansion through the addition of commercially available, off the shelf networking cards, I/O, peripherals and other value-added options to meet current and future system requirements

* TMS designs all products to meet or exceed listed data sheet specifications. Some specifications are configuration dependent.
**Extended temperature range is dependent on system configuration, components, and application thermal profile. Please contact TMS for information specific to your desired configuration requirements.