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Collect and visualize comprehensive product data

What does Themis's Report & Graph does?

Our reporting & graph system tracks user behavior immediately across all platforms and visualize them in simple & easy to read charts — no code effort required.

How can this benefit our users?

Know which features Our users adopt or ignore, and see how they data flows throughout a single workday. They can now make better and data-informed decisions that improve product adoption.
What do our customers think?

“If creative people spent more time organizing the ideas they've already got, they would make more of an impact. That's where Themis comes in.”

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From a siloed approach to integrated enterprise risk management

Chief Compliance Officer

“ Are you tired of managing spreadsheets and sending multiple emails that are getting lost in your inbox? Communicate seamlessly with other departments. ”

Chief Risk Officer

“ Are you constantly chasing data from internal and external partners trying to understand the risk from your operations and products? Use smart analytics and an integrated risk approach to see a holistic view of your company's risk profile. ”

Chief Operating Officer

“ Is your risk and compliance strategy a blackbox? Have visibility to real time alerts and issues to proactively account for changes in business strategy. ”

Audit Committee

“ Do you need access to a company's internal control environment? Oversee risk management controls with real time visibility into the whistleblowing and issue management framework. ”

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