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Rugged Enterprise Servers (RES)

Resilient Cutting Edge Technology

Featuring leading-edge components that include Intel CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators, Mercury RES servers are SWaP-optimized to deliver industry-leading performance in a smaller footprint. Rugged Enterprise Servers keep mission-critical applications available with enhanced reliability features and superior resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

Configuration Versatility

RES servers provide maximum configuration flexibility through a range of size and depth, and front and rear I/O models. Featuring expansion slots, extensive high-speed I/O, and multiple storage options, our rugged servers provide users with configuration versatility to meet current and future system requirements. RES servers can be mounted in standard commercial racks or mobile rugged transit cases.

Redundant Power in SWAP Rugged Servers Themis Computer
RES Server Dual Redundant Power

Performance & Reliability for Rugged Environments

TMS’ RES rack mountable servers are part of Mercury’s Enterprise Series of advanced processing solutions that ensure superior performance and enhanced reliability in the most demanding environments. Combining leading-edge components that include Intel processors, RES servers feature expansion slots, extensive high-speed front or rear I/O, storage, and enhanced reliability options to provide users with configuration versatility and system expansion to meet current and future system requirements.

2X Compute Density. 50% Rack Savings

Designed with leading edge components that include Intel Xeon E5-2600 V2 series processors and SuperMicro motherboards, RES-HD servers are 100% modular and scalable by providing maximum system configuration and expansion flexibility with processor, storage, high-speed switch, and system management module options

Rugged Supercomputing & Virtualization

Mercury EnterpriseSeries processing solutions include RES-NT2 high-performance computers (HPCs) that combine NVIDIA Kepler architecture-based GPUs, two Intel E5-2600, four, six, or eight core Xeon processors with up to 512 GB of memory, and advanced thermal and kinetic management design in 1U and 3U form factors to meet the demanding requirements of rugged environments. GPUs deliver higher performance in a smaller footprint at a lower cost and less power.

Data Center in a Briefcase

Fully compatible with virtualization technologies and designed for use in demanding environments where SWaP are severely limited, the RES-mini server combines the robust design of the RES server family using E5-2600 V2 Series Intel Xeon processors with up to twelve cores.

Rugged Management System


The TMS Resource Manager is a cost-effective, out-of-band system appliance for remote independent administration, server health and environment monitoring, and overseeing related computing infrastructure equipment, including fault data history, analytics and prognostics.

The Resource Manager appliance is an out-of-band management solution that can complement an in-band management system or serve as a stand-alone system manager to provide hardware level management. The RES Manager provides a single easy access interface to all of the different service processors displaying these processors as a single cohesive unit aggregating data from sensors and other sources. Resource Manager is extensible by adding adapters to access additional devices or by scripting to access the Resource Manager outside of the graphical user interface.