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Small Form-Factor Tactical Systems

Small, Quiet, Powerful, and Rugged

Mercury’s small form-factor tactical systems offer tremendous SWaP advantages. As an active participant and leader in the VITA standards committee, TMS is also a member of all three vehicular integration for C4ISR/EW interoperability  (VICTORY)  working groups, who develop and validate a more efficient and cost effective set of open standards for C4ISR equipment integration on Army platforms.

Our next generation Nano technology (VITA-74) is the first standards-based approach to small form factor conduction-cooled, rugged systems. Aside from SWaP advantages, our Nano product line offers multiple I/O configuration options which meet military standards.

Mercury small form-factor tactical systems focus on specific markets including portable computing, man-wearable systems, unmanned vehicles (UVs), ground vehicles, helicopter, and military robotics. Applications include:

  • Mission management
  • Robotics
  • Embedded training
  • Mission planning
  • Digital map
  • Sensor processor
  • Payload and sensor processor
  • Data recorder

NanoPAK® i7

Rugged Conduction Cooled Noiseless Computer NanoPak i7

Weighing only 1.6lb, the NanoPAK i7 computer packs an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB DDR4 memory, and multiple I/O in a noiseless, conduction cooled chassis.

Themis NanoSWITCH®

Rugged Level 2/3 Switch NanoSWITCH JLTV

The only VICTORY integrated switch in a DOD program of record, the IP67 sealed Themis NanoSWITCH® is a rugged 10/16 port Gigabit Ethernet switch with an embedded x86 CPU.