ISO 9001 Compliance – Commitment to Quality

Core Beliefs

Our employees come to work every day understanding that it is our job to find the right solutions for our customers. We recognize that everything we do has an impact and we approach our work with an attitude of pride and determination to bring real value to our products and platforms.

Customer Excellence

Themis recognizes that consistently delivering defect-free products on time is only one characteristic of a world-class supplier. Quality relationships with our customers are equally important. Themis continually strives to improve its responsiveness to customers, to anticipate customer requirements, and to provide customers with top-tier service.

Employee Excellence

Participation in the development and improvement of the Themis business model occurs at all levels of the organization. Themis management strives to implement and improve core values by providing employees with information, training, and opportunities.

Compliance Certification

ISO 9001 Certification