Trusted Reliability

Trusted Reliability


TMS Ruggedization

Building embedded computing products to survive the rigors of demanding environments requires experience and expertise. For three decades, we have been designing and building superior computing solutions that are easy to integrate, inexpensive to own and operate, and that achieve an optimal balance between standard commercial technology and rugged environments. TMS leverages thermal and kinetic management expertise to optimize space, weight, and performance while providing reliable operation in extreme operating temperature, shock, vibration and corrosive environments. Our solutions meet rugged requirements for seaboard, land vehicles, helicopters, aircraft, and unmanned vehicles.

Depending on the application, TMS products meet the following ruggedization challenges:

  • Shock and Vibration – Survive high shock/vibration expected in military, transportation, and industrial environments (land, air, and sea)
  • Temperature and Humidity – Withstand adverse effects due to heat, cold, and moisture exposure that can stress or fatigue, and temporarily or permanently impair the physical properties of the hardware
  • Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) – Provide as much performance, in as little space, at the lowest power possible
  • Resistance to Corrosion and Abrasive Elements – Resist abrasion or corrosion of surfaces, penetration of seals, fouling of moving parts, and degradation of electrical circuits
  • Acoustic Noise Reduction – Enable quiet operation with sound dampening
  • Low Pressure/Altitude – Withstand and operate in low pressure environments and withstand rapid pressure changes
  • Water Immersion – Withstand fluid penetration
  • Low EMI – Contain conducted and radiated emissions
  • Susceptibility – Operate in high electromagnetic fields