Trusted Reliability

Trusted Reliability



Themis supports military projects and standards with rugged, high-performance computing that survives in the most demanding  environments. Themis combines expert engineering and manufacturing, and a wide range of specialized product and system designs that are readily adaptable to meet the demands of new programs, applications, and emerging technologies.

Themis provides leading-edge embedded computing technology, expert technical support, and long-term lifecycle capabilities to the world’s leading defense agencies and contractors. Themis rugged solutions provide thermal management, shock and vibration protection, and environmental security. Themis products are easily configurable for size, weight, power, and cooling. Themis supports legacy and emerging platform requirements that include VME, VPX, and more.

Themis Strengths

Themis system engineers are kinetic and thermal management experts who optimize high-performance, best-of-class systems to achieve the highest levels of thermal efficiency, power, and performance to meet the most difficult challenges. Themis products provide shock and vibe, quiet operation, and hot-swap capabilities that address operational parameters and unique program needs. Themis works with the world’s leading defense agencies and contractors to build high-performance COTS boards and systems for military applications. Themis provides expert technical support as well as long-term lifecycle and program management capabilities.

  • Themis provides flexible configurability, rugged performance, and a range of customization through a large selection of product hardware that includes rugged COTS boards and platforms for interoperable, standards-based solutions
  • Strategic partnerships that leverage current technology

Design Wins

Themis design wins in the Military and Aerospace programs include:

  • USN Common Display System
  • USN Common Processing System
  • Littoral Combat Ship
  • Ship Self Defense System
  • Gun Weapon System
  • Aegis Weapon System
  • Common Submarine Radio Room
  • USA Entry Control Point
  • Distributed Common Ground System – Army
  • Warfighter Information Network – Tactical Increment 2
  • Precision Approach Radar
  • Joint Light Tactical Vehicle
  • Universal Ground Control Station


Themis Military and Aerospace applications include:

  • Next-Generation Combat Systems
  • Missile Systems
  • Autonomous Missile Systems
  • Tactical Battlefield Radar
  • Combat Management Systems
  • Battlefield Sensor Systems
  • UAVs
  • Communications, Command, Control and Intelligence (C4ISR)

Military Standards

Themis creates systems that adhere to military shock and vibration specifications. These standards include:

  • MIL-STD 901D
  • MIL-STD 810G
  • MIL-STD 461
  • MIL-STD 1275


There are 62 categories of commercial products and services that are contracted under the GSA. Known as schedules, these categories cover everything from industrial products, vehicles, computers, and office products, to most categories of professional services.

Themis board and systems products are available to qualified organizations on United States GSA Schedule, contract number GS-35F-0553P. The GSA Schedule holder is Four Points Technology. To contact Four Points Technology, click here.