Trusted Reliability

Trusted Reliability

General Industry

Themis rugged solutions enable embedded computing in demanding environments. Our focus on quality and reliable, high-performance embedded computing solutions enables our customers to concentrate on their technology requirements without worrying about how to protect performance-critical applications in demanding environments.

With system engineering expertise that include thermal management, shock and vibration, size and weight constraints, networking requirements, environmental challenges and more, Themis designs and manufactures a wide portfolio of products that use best-in-class components to support multiple technologies.


Themis products provide application support for the following markets:

  • Communications – Themis supports performance-critical communications systems under the most demanding conditions in field environments. Applications include telecommunications and data communication.
  • Medical – Themis extends mission-critical reliability to design and development for the medical market with a wide range of embedded computing solutions where thermal management, availability, and protection against humidity, dust, and other elements are required.
  • OEM Manufacturing – OEMs require a strong outsourcing partner for the design, production and lifecycle management of key embedded board and system products. Themis provides customer specific design-to-manufacturing that includes project management from product definition and specification, through prototype, to high volume production. Themis manages the supply chain to provide JIT delivery of product to OEM customers. Themis diligently addresses the critical issues of sustaining engineering including revision control and longevity of supply. Themis provides its customers with alternate migration paths that make technological and business sense. Themis has close supplier partnerships with top silicon and software vendors and use these to bring the best alternatives to our OEM customers. Themis supports applications that include automation, industrial control, and robotics.
  • Transportation– Themis provides the commercial transportation market with shock and vibration protection, thermal and kinetic management to ensure the performance and reliability of embedded computing systems in high-speed transportation systems that include trucking, emergency response, rail transport, ships, and aerospace and avionics.


Themis market strengths include:

  • ISO 9001 compliance since 2007
  • Product lifecycle support
  • Full integration capabilities
  • System-level solutions
  • Open architecture standards and products
  • Cost-effective design and production
  • Regulatory adherence