Trusted Reliability

Trusted Reliability

High Density Systems

web_thumbs_HD_HomeFunction consolidation, virtualization, and big data analytics drive the requirement for more compute capability in a smaller footprint. The DoD requires feature-rich systems that interoperate in multiple applications and allow information sharing between applications. Demand is also driven by “Common Operating Environment” requirements, the use of common components, and “right sizing” systems to deploy solutions in as many places as possible.

To support big data analytics, the DoD utilizes the Map/Reduce function initially developed by Google for search purposes and provided by Apache in Hadoop clusters. The U.S. Army currently utilizes Hadoop for mining sensor data in the DCGS-A program. The Army is constrained by size, weight, power consumption, and heat. Designed for virtualization, ISR, Big Data Analytics, radar processing, image processing, and large Hadoop cluster applications, Themis HD systems are part of Mercury’s EnterpriseSeries of processing solutions which can be used in a multitude of applications that require high-compute density and low latency access to large-data storage. Suited for computing environments where server Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) is important, Themis RES High Density (HD) servers:

  • Deliver high performance processing power
  • Double compute density
  • Enable a 50% rack space savings with per server weights as low as eleven pounds
  • Reduce total system weight by nearly 50%

Designed with leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components that include Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, RES-HD servers provide maximum system configuration flexibility and system expansion options with processor, storage, high-speed switch, and system management module options.