Trusted Reliability

Trusted Reliability

Modular Maintainability

A principle barrier to higher compute density in modular electronic packaging is the cooling and mechanical stabilization of high dissipation devices. Experts in thermal and kinetic management design, Themis engineers possess significant knowledge of the inner workings of the system and its environment to divide the system into modules and make them function together as a whole.

Extend the lifecycle, reduce cost

Mission-critical applications require equipment that can be quickly diagnosed, repaired and upgraded under extreme conditions. The open and modular design of Themis products eases the burden of spiral technology refresh and extends computing infrastructure investments for complete lifecycle management. Themis Computer board and system products provide the increased processing power and reliability necessary for demanding application environments, while achieving a net reduction in total cost of ownership.

Themis works closely with partners and customers to design and build rugged computing solutions that provide high performance, reliability, flexibility, and maintainability in demanding operating environments.

Applicable Themis Products

RES Servers

Rugged Modular Maintainability for Low Cost Themis RES Servers

RES servers provide industry leading performance and keep mission-critical applications available with superior resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes. RES servers include:

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Platforms

Hyper-Unity is the first rugged all-flash hyper-converged, scalable infrastructure featuring Atlantis USX™. Hyper-Unity seamlessly integrates four ruggedized, eight-drive, RES-XR5-1U rack mounted servers, with a high-speed, 12-port Mellanox Infiniband switch, and Atlantis USX, the award-winning, patented Software-defined Storage (SDS) solution.

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Hyper-Unity Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Platform

Small Form Factor Tactical Systems

Small Form Factor Tactical Systems Rugged Passive Cooled

Tactical Systems focus on rugged computing for specific markets including manned and unmanned ground and air vehicles, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and military robotics. These rugged systems include:

Themis Resource Manager

Powered by Zabbix, The Themis Resource Manager is a cost-effective, out-of-band system appliance for remote independent administration and monitoring of the health and environment of one or more servers and related computing infrastructure equipment, including fault data history, analytics and prognostics.

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