Trusted Reliability

Trusted Reliability

VITA Standards


VPX is a current VITA backplane standard that supports high-speed switched fabric and mesh networking interconnects, higher density I/O and more power. Themis offers both air and conduction cooled VPX product offerings.

As a member of the OpenVPX™ Industry Working Group, Themis is actively involved in the VITA 65 / OpenVPX definition process. With over 25 years of experience in COTS products for rugged PC embedded applications and a broad embedded computer product portfolio, Themis is well positioned to provide customers with VPX best solutions.


VME is the one of the most widely deployed and successful standards in rugged computing. An early pioneer of VMEbus, Themis has 25 years experience in standard and custom VME products. Themis is also an active member of the VITA (VMEbus Trade Organization) and driving force of the Freescale Design Alliance.

Themis provides a broad range of AMD, Intel, and IBM-based VME computers. Themis Single Board Computers (SBCs) are performance tested to MIL-S-901D, Class A standards with equipment shock loads of up to 40Gs. The Themis Computer family of VME-based boards and system products provide increased processing power and system reliability for demanding application environments, while achieving a net reduction in total cost of ownership. The company’s high performance servers, single-board computers and graphics controllers are integrated in both enterprise and defense systems worldwide.