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West 2018: The data centre in a briefcase

Featured in Digital Battlespace by Scott Gourley in San Diego

Mercury Systems – Trusted Mission Systems Division (formerly Themis Computer), working in conjunction with Acumentrics, has developed what they characterise as ‘the autonomous data centre in a briefcase.’ Identified more officially as the RESmini, the system is on display at this week’s West 2018 event in San Diego, California.

According to Steve Corbesero, senior VP for sales and marketing at Acumentrics, the complete system is packaged in an FAA compliant roll-on case.
‘Some of the operators want to be able to take this and have it never leave their sight,’ he said. ‘So this design can be stored in an overhead compartment on a plane. It only weighs 47lbs [21kg], complete with the server. And it’s totally autonomous, so that when they get on site they can turn it on and instantly have a fully functioning data centre. They don’t have to worry about getting the infrastructure in place to be able to power it.’

Autonomous characteristics are based on a built-in battery system utilising lithium ion phosphate battery technology. Corbesero said that the system will also run from global AC, and makes adjustments for domestic or international sources.

‘So it could be 110, 220, 230, or 208volts, it will automatically adjust to it. In addition to that, it will also run off of DC. So if you have a military vehicle or light commercial vehicle light you can plug it into the 12volt or 28volt source and still run the system.’

It can also be powered with standard military batteries.

System storage capabilities can also be scaled to optimise configuration with the particular application.
‘Again, you can take this on a plane and go anywhere in the world,’ he added. ‘It can fly right with you in the passenger compartment.’