Risk Register

Risk Register

Welcome to Themis' Risk Register module, here we provide the ability to create an inventory of potential company risk, assign inherent and residual ratings and link company controls used to mitigate risk
Module Overview
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Enhanced User Productivity

Be sure to Manage which groups see which views of the product plan. Keep all stakeholders current and engaged by eliminating inefficient, fractured conversations.
Reputation Risk
Reputation risk is a top business risk. Value is created through Themis, it also manages high expectations and performance related to its reputation.
Reports Metrics
82% of Themis users say Themis is their primary productivity tool and saw at least a 10% reduction in time and effort.
Increase Confidence
82% of Themis users utilized Themis as their primary compliant tool and saw at least a 10% reduction in time and effort once switching over.

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